Is there any GUI tool for setting up an OpenVPN server

OpenVPN Bridged Client/Server Configuration. Products Supported: MBR1400v2, AER2100, AER3100, IBR1100, IBR1150, IBR600 Click Identify Cradlepoint Products to identify your router. Firmware Version: 5.4 - for information on upgrading firmware, click here.. Firmware version 6.0 has been released and introduces a vastly improved GUI for all current Series 3 routers. PiVPN - Simplest OpenVPN Setup And Configuration, Designed Jul 11, 2017 Is there a VPN server with a GUI management console for

management 5555 restart openvpn server. systemctl restart openvpn@server.service add an OpenVPN Monitor Python package - this will run via a Gunicorn web server and show active connections, mkdir /opt/openvpn-monitor create a virtual env (not required but good practice with py packages) cd /opt/openvpn-monitor virtualenv venv source

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Install OpenVPN Server Virtual Machine (VM) on Hyper-V

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