Nov 29, 2015

This One Vulnerability Might Leak Your IP When Using A VPN Nov 29, 2015 Vulnerabilities allow hackers access to two popular VPNs May 06, 2020 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities in Cisco VPN Client

Jul 17, 2020 · Cisco releases security fixes for critical VPN, router vulnerabilities. The worst bugs can be exploited for remote code execution and privilege escalation attacks.

Oct 18, 2019 · The vulnerability in Pulse Secure was presented along with a few vulnerabilities in other SSL VPN products. Shortly after, an exploit for this vulnerability was published on GitHub, so every copycat could have it handy. To analyze the level of network security required for VPN network with applying Wireshark. To present the findings as a report in including recommendations on further research. The research objectives are similar for the primary and secondary techniques in this context of VPN security and exiting vulnerabilities identification.

Cisco Vpn Client : List of security vulnerabilities

A deeper look into OpenVPN: Security vulnerabilities - SD Apr 16, 2019