Nov 07, 2014

Show menu bar icons in the menu bar when they update. Set menu bar icons to show when you want to see them, such as Dropbox when its updating, volume when it changes. Have then display for a period of time when they update. Allowing you to see whats happening, or take important action. How to Remove Icons from the Menu Bar in Mac OS X Jan 05, 2012 The power of OS X’s menu bar | Macworld The power of OS X’s menu bar If you’ve installed apps beyond what Apple provides, you may discover that some of them add icons to the menu bar as well. Dropbox lives in my menu bar and How To Hide Menu Bar Icons On macOS - AddictiveTips

New in OS X El Capitan: How to Hide the Menu Bar

El Capitan Menu Bar running on Windows 10. El Capitan Style Start Button The El Capitan style start button provides Mac like access to the Windows start menu. Real menu bar from actual software When a Windows app has a menu bar it will be displayed conveniently at the top of the desktop like in OSX- El Capitan. Genuine OS X El Capitan FinderBar Remove And Rearrange Mac OS X Menu Bar Icons Jan 03, 2016 python - How to add OSX menu bar icon with wxPython

r/osx: Reddit's community for users, developers, and hackers of Mac OS X – the desktop operating system from Apple Vanilla — hide Mac menu bar icons. Close Jun 17, 2005 · The menu bar icons and clock have disappeared from the top right corner of my screen. I don't have a recollection of a specific incident that may have caused this, although I had just changed the desktop background image a short while before, and had a number of strange keychain messages pop up while in System Preferences. Perfect your menu bar by completely hiding icons; Hide any app icon from your Mac’s menu bar; Compatible with light and dark menu bars; Automatically hide icons again after five seconds; Start Vanilla automatically when you log in; Toggle icons with a keyboard shortcut (Seriously, I use this with Command-Shift- like forty times a day. Get Pro As for a screenshot, I just noticed that my Mac isn't responding to that as well. Nothing happens when I type [command+shift+3 or 4]. But to describe what menu icons I'm referring to, they're the menulets. The sound, display, bluetooth, wireless connection and finder icons. There all missing. What is wrong with my machine? please help. Restoring the default menu bar Run the Restore Default Menu Bar script by Right-clicking it and choosing "Open". This script will change back your menu bar to the OS X default, gray bar, with black text & black icons. Locate the on your harddrive and put it in the trash and empty it. It seems that with wxPython2.9-osx-cocoa-py2.7 you can in fact put up a menubar icon. It looks like you can also call PopupMenu() on TaskBarIcon to attach a menu, which you should be able to use to create a full blown OSX menu bar application.