Jul 19, 2020

Problems with packet loss in certain matches? Sep 10, 2012 High Latency when routed through Cogent Communications Jul 04, 2019 Why do some users experience packet loss loss while others Dec 14, 2018 Very high ping and nobody at ATT can fix it. | AT&T

Downstream Routing Issue a) How to really trace

Looking Glass - Cogent Communications Traceroute allows a user to follow a packet through the network to a specific destination. It shows the domain, IP address and the roundtrip packet times as it traces the route to the destination. Ping can be used to show whether or not a device with a valid Internet address or domain name can return packets sent to it by a specified server. Extreme Packet Loss and Simultaneous High Ping - Networking

Hello, I've been having problems communicating to a server in Frankfurt and I have been suffering inbound packet loss at all times of the day. I have tracert's from me to the server and one from the server itself. From Frankfurt. regrowth@malta2409:~$ ping PING (101.

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